Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting is an upcoming Cool Cat film directed by Derek Savage. It stars the YouTube

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personality Mumkey Jones

"These School Shootings are making me mad, and all I keep hearing is ‘What can we do?’ Well, I have a solution that can help with this tragic problem. And it’s COOL CAT...In 'COOL CAT STOPS A SCHOOL SHOOTING – a School Safety Film', Cool Cat is in class when an active shooter, played by Mumkey Jones, attacks his school, and Cool Cat will show children different techniques and safety tips on what to do to stay safe, and then Cool Cat comes face-to-face with the shooter – But what happens then!" 

The filthy traitorous scum known as monkey Jones is attempting to make a horrible knockoff of this film with his movie 'Mumkey Jones Stops a School Shooting'.

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